Kawach designs, manufactures, markets, warehouses, and distributes products. You have an idea and we have the trail map.

Kawach is more than a logo.

Kawach guides brands to fortune in markets old and new. Mastery composes our formula for product development, distribution, and marketing. Discovery illuminates new avenues to success. Our method has been refined by trials that have failed and fortified by trials that have not.

We constantly consider the lifecycle of a product from conception to delivery. As more and more customers turn to online platforms like Amazon to find the products they need, brands must adapt to survive. New consumers demand new products that require new technologies. New technologies demand new manufacturing which requires expanded distribution networks.  

The good news is that Kawach holds the trail map. You don’t, which is bad news but only for now. Whether it is with partners or without, Kawach remains committed to uncovering new paths to success. As you contemplate joining the team, we ask one question: What do you have left to discover?

Our Roots

Kawach is built on the roots of its past. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, and four core values have brought them success in every one of them.


Be clever and skillfull in concept and design.


A Kawach creation is a sum of all parts.


That not found has only to be discovered.


Fail hard, fail fast, fail until success is the only thing left.

Our Team Spans the Globe

Kawach Global HQ

346 N. Justine St. Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60607

Seattle Office

910 8th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98104

China Office

275 JiaQian Road Jiading
Shanghai, China 201802

Dubai Office

3501, Icon Tower 1 Cluster M Jumeriah Lake Towers,
Dubai, UAE

Taiwan Office

82-7 Wu Chuan West 5th Street West District,
Taichung 403, Taiwan