Adapt in Today's Evolving Markets

Kawach provides distribution guidance
in a global distribution network.

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We Distribute to Bricks and eComm, Domestic and International

Our global distribution network was built with modern marketplaces in mind. The shipping requirements that surprise us tomorrow will likely be different from the requirements that surprised us yesterday. Traditional order fulfillment to leading retailers is already outpaced by stocking and direct fulfillment POs to the massive e-tailers. Our first challenge was figuring it all out, but readiness to adapt is what we do best.

Kawach is your distribution solution.

Compliant with all customer operational standards.

Custom Packaging and Kitting

You ship pallets, we assemble and ship kits. 

Customer Specific Labeling

We create, print and apply labels unique to each of your customers.

Operational Agility

We pick pack and ship expediently from the moment we receive an order. 


Highly accurate, real time inventory status.

2020 HQ Warehouse Performance

Our warehouse teams are awesome, and the numbers don't lie.

2020 has brought many challenges, and the distribution of PPE was a big one. Keeping up with demand and volumes of PPE and many other products have become impressive stats that we like to brag about.


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